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Power Generation

We have the hard to find parts you need to upgrade obsolete technology.

HydroAir Hughes EHC experts will work with you to determine the best solution for your operations using components from leading manufacturers. We update and upgrade obsolete technology with new innovative designs to make your systems more efficient and effective. Contact our team for the latest technology to solve your power generation problems.

Electro - Hydraulic Control Upgrades

  • Accumulator Rack Upgrade - Located outside the EHC cabinet, our new accumulator rack design offers manifold technology for easy isolation, drain and removal of 15/10 gallon piston or bladder accumulators.
  • EHC Relief Valve Modification - For a fraction of the cost upgrade your Vickers relief valve F3-CF-16-C-10 with our exclusive cartridge valve design.
  • EHC Return Line Filter Retrofit - Actuator shaft seal wear will begin to introduce airborne contamination into your EHC system. We can help you combat this problem by adding return line filtration to your EHC skid with the convenience of 3-micron absolute spin-on filters.
  • Steam Turbine High-Pressure System Upgrade - Avoid an unnecessary, expensive rework. Our custom system using the latest technology and offered at a competitive price is designed with you in mind.
  • GE TAFEFU Retrofit- Replace your current transfer and Fuller’s Earth filtration unit with our skid-mounted, leak-proof design that performs reservoir draining and filling functions. Additional 3-micron absolute filtration is achieved through a 10-gpm continuous filter loop provided by Selexsorb or Fuller’s Earth.
  • Trunnion Lift Upgrade - Avoid excessive maintenance costs with your Riley Stoker ball mill trunnion lift and bearing unit by trying out our more reliable design that delivers proven results.
  • EHC Flexible Hose Assembly - Flexible hose assemblies with stainless steel face seal end connectors with "brown viton" or "purple EPR" o-rings are available and are tested to 3000 psi with Fyrquel EHC Fluid. We test with Fyrquel EHC Fluid to reduce vibration and identify EHC leaks in critical actuator tube lines.

Fyrquel EHC Fluid Testing and Repair Services for Accumulators, Actuators, Pumps and Valves

We understand the impact of having outdated or incomplete Electro-Hydraulic Control (EHC) fluid maintenance. If overlooked, this common problem in the power generation industry can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary failures and lost production. HydroAir specializes in providing test and repair services for Fyrquel EHC fluid products from some of the leading suppliers including Bosch, Denison, Greer, Hale, Hartmann, Moog, Oilgear, Parker, Sheffer, Superior, TJ, and Tobul.

EHC Electrical Box Rebuild

Our experienced staff can refurbish your EHC Electrical Boxes which contain obsolete and outdated components with the most up-to-date proven components. Block and bleed valves will be added for pressure monitoring and component calibration and new wire terminals will match your existing system.

Instrumentation Panels

HydroAir, as part of the extensive Applied Fluid Power network, offers you access to a complete range of system platforms and architectures – including the most technologically advanced. Our expert technicians and engineers can specify the most appropriate control architecture, devices and instrumentation for your applications.

Load Tap Changer (LTC) Filtration

We can reduce operating and maintenance costs and improve system reliability with components proven to effectively combat all of your load tap changer filtration problems. We carry Parker-Rosaen Tell-Tale Duplex Filter Replacements to address LTC filtration needs.

HydroAir Factory Authorized Services

  • Facility specializes in valve actuator, accumulator and pump repairs with
    phosphate ester fluid.
  • Engineering Staff available to assist with product improvements and insufficient or incorrect documentation provided by OEMs.
  • Field Service Technician trained to troubleshoot EHC System issues.

Solid Solutions in a Fluid Environment

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